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Don't Let Motherhood Steal Your Style

It’s no secret that when we become mums we sacrifice a lot of things! We sacrifice our bodies, our time, our sanity, and our sleep. Most times we stop our careers or at least put them on hold. We do this all without hesitation because we adore our children and would do anything for them!

But there is also great value in making sure we as mums keep a part of ourselves, to ourselves. Making sure you go get your nails done, take time out to read a book, or go buy those new shoes you saw in the shop windows (because we all know you didn’t actually go inside with a screaming baby and a toddler who likes to pull all the shoes off the shelf).

I think every mum would agree that when we enter into the wonderful world of motherhood, we put ourselves on the back burner. We stop doing all those blissful things that made us feel fabulous pre-babies. But I’m writing this to remind you that you don’t have to, and that’s it is ok to be selfish sometimes. Ask for help when you need it and go to the salon. Do whatever is going to remind yourself of the person YOU are.

It took me a lot of years to do these things for myself. I think it wasn’t until after I had my second son that I made time to go to the gym, prioritise my hair appointments and actually shop for clothes that weren’t in kid’s sizes. Most times before when I would do these things I would feel terribly guilty- I’m not really sure why. But over time I realised I was not only doing myself a disservice, but also my children and husband. I wasn’t making sure that I was happy and well looked after, I was doing that for everyone else. We all know the saying “Happy wife, happy life”, but it is also “Happy mum, happy children”.

Becoming a mother should not change how we look at ourselves in the mirror every day. Yes, your body has most likely changed a lot, but that doesn’t mean we should pile on clothes that are two times too big to hide behind. Or stop caring about what our hair and makeup looks like. Yes, we are tighter on time, but you would be happily surprised what a tinted moisturiser and a bit of mascara will do! Go shopping and buy easy to wear items that suit your new mummy lifestyle but still look great on your new body. I use to be the queen of heels before I became a mum, but now I own a bunch of fabulous flats that still look great but allow me to chase my two-year-old before he heads onto the busy road all while unloading groceries! Buy a sexy dress that you might only get to wear once every few

months on a date with your hubby, but trust me, he will be happy to see you feel confident.

Don’t let motherhood steal your style. You deserve it and trust me you’ll be amazed at what a great outfit can do for your motivation.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful and strong mums, moms and grandma’s out there.

Who run the world?.....Girls!


White Singlet Top: Decjuba

Denim Shirt: Guess

Leather look jeans: Witchery

Shoes: Witchery

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