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Swimwear for every body type

It’s nearly summertime and that means it’s time to get the swimwear out.

I am going to take a good guess and assume that you cringed a little when reading that I right? I am also going to assume that choosing a swimsuit feels pretty daunting, hence the reason you chose to read this blog post.

Well, I am going to make it easier for you to choose a swimsuit that makes you feel your best this summer! I also want to encourage you to stop body shaming yourself (if you‘re doing this), get in a swimsuit and enjoy the summer with your family. We only have ONE life to live.

Every single one of us have different body shapes and cool is that? It’s what makes us unique.

Learning what to wear for your unique body shape will eliminate the overwhelming feeling of shopping for clothes, and in this case, swimwear!

I filmed a Swimsuit Masterclass for my members inside THE GUIDE, and I am going to share it with you too! In this Swimsuit Masterclass, I worked with three amazing swimwear brands to show you how to choose the perfect swimsuit for your body shape.

These three brands are Plivati Swim, Capriosca Swimwear and Mother and Sun.

Each brand provides swimwear for specific woman weather it be modest, curvy, or a pregnant/breastfeeding mama. I go into more detail on the video!

Check it out here:

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