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Standout Style

"Boring ain't going to cut it, babe"

Confidently show up in your business through Standout Style.

As an entrepreneur, you dreamt of having a business that gave you time flexibility, freedom and the luxury of working from home. No need to get dressed to go to the office in a career you hated.

But now you're dealing with a different problem... you are working from home in your comfy clothes that are making you feel like crap. Which doesn't allow you to easily jump in front of a camera to create content, meet with a client or have meetings with confidence. 

Your style has you feeling STUCK. Your wardrobe doesn't reflect where you are going and the growth of your business.

Confidence is the number one factor that holds women entrepreneurs back from growing and scaling their businesses.

Lack of confidence can be for a number of reasons:

  • Change in body shape because of weight gain or loss.

  • Motherhood - your wardrobe instantly wasn't a priority.

  • Change in career - working from home doesn't call for dressing up.

  • Age - you feel like your wardrobe doesn't reflect your stage of life anymore.

Regardless of where you're at, it's never too late to invest in your personal style and learn how to show up confidently every day, not only for YOU but also the audience that needs you to show up for them and lead with value.


What if you could:

  • Curate a personal style that feels authentic to you AND drives more sales in your business.

  • Confidently choose clothes that suit you based on your body shape, colours and personal style.

  • Break free from self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from looking and feeling your best?

  • Be unforgettable in a saturated market that has more competition than ever!

Style holds power.

Standout style

Roadmap to Standout Style

Own who you are

Get rid of self-limiting blocks, start focusing on how you want to represent yourself and set goals for the FUTURE you!

Beautiful Body

It's one thing to learn HOW to dress for your body shape, but it's another to deep dive

into your mindset around your body and learning to love it in the best way possible. That is where true confidence starts.

Confident in Colour

Colour has the ability to change how you feel, how others perceive you and can set the tone for how your personal brand is represented. Learn what colours suit you best, how to create a colour palette and create consistency across your personal brand with colours you wear.

Standout Style

This is the juicy part. Create personal style that stands out. Appeal to your niche with a style that is all your own. What will you be "known for?" What is your Style Superpower?


How you show up matters

This program was created to drive RESULTS. 

The average online course completion rate is just 15%  and I am not willing to let you sit back and not do the work.

I will encourage you to follow along in the 6 weeks of training to get the most results possible - plus access to me!

You'll be kept accountable through Voxer - a voice memo and messenger app for the entire 8-weeks!

What you get:

No more excuses


About Kamri

Hey there beauty,

I am Kamri Hill, your personal style hype girl! Also, a mum of 3, wife and personal stylist.

I have been in the fashion industry for over 10 years now and have an absolute obsession with helping women find confidence through the power of style.

In that time I have worked in fashion retail management, as a personal stylist and as a digital entrepreneur. I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women, been featured in podcasts, held workshops and retreats.

At my core, I know that every woman deserves to feel amazing EVERY DAY, and if I can make that happen, then my heart is happy.

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