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wardrobe makeover

From $499 AUD

My most popular service, let me help you find your signature style and fill your wardrobe with clothes you’ll feel incredibly confident in!

wardrobe make over

Did you know that the average person only uses 20% of the clothes in their wardrobe 80% of the time! What a waste of money and wardrobe space, not to mention the reduced selection. It’s no wonder so many people complain that they have nothing to wear, even when their wardrobe appears to be bursting at the seams.


A Wardrobe Makeover is more than just a curation of your existing clothes. During your session, we will first audit the items in your wardrobe based on your personal style, current lifestyle, colour and fit. You will gently learn why clothes you thought looked good, may not and we will identify the unnecessary garments to trim down your collection to your best, most wearable pieces that represent you.


At this point, you will see what’s in your closet from a fresh perspective and learn that you don’t actually need a lot of clothes to have a lot of style options. I will show you how to create new looks with items you already own and how to incorporate new pieces into your existing collection in the best possible way to dramatically increase the number of choices you have whilst maximising your budget.


And most importantly in any collection, we will identify those key investment pieces that are missing which will become your go-to collection staples for years to come.


During the process, we will systematically organize your space and discuss great closet solutions for keeping things organized and banishing the “nothing to wear” feeling that accompanies a messy closet. You will also receive advice on how to maintain your newly organized closet.

How It Works

My most popular service, let me help you find your signature style and fill your wardrobe with clothes you’ll feel incredibly confident in!


What’s included:


1-hour consultation

We’ll discuss your wardrobe and what you want to achieve from our sessions. Maybe your body has changed, and you want to flaunt your new figure. Maybe you’ve changed jobs or need new clothes for upcoming events. Whatever the reason, I’ll be able to identify what your wardrobe needs, all while making sure it’s within your budget.


Wardrobe Clean Out

We’ll go through your wardrobe together and explore the clothes you already have. You can show me your favourite and least favourite pieces so we can find the gaps in your wardrobe, and I can start planning the looks and pieces I know you’ll love. 


Optional Upgrade - Personal Shopping & Styling

Upgrade this package and add our Shopping Day session. You might have shied away from shopping in the past, but with me, you’ll feel more comfortable as I’ll be there with you every step of the way. I know which brands will be best for your body and budget and will only choose the most flattering pieces for you to try on. 


  • $399 AUD

  • Covers a day of shopping based on discussed styles

  • Support & guidance for outfit options & styling


Personal Style Guide

You’ll receive a digital guide with:

  • A recap of all the style guidance you received throughout your service

  • Colour palette advice

  • Photo record of outfits created during your service

  • Body shape rules & guidance

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